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Aden Fields and fiancée, Entrance to La Favela. Instagram.

A young man from Perth, who according to news reports, traveled to Bali to propose to his girlfriend, is now stuck in a Bali hospital, after getting into a fight and breaking his jaw.

Aden Field said he was attacked at La Favela bar in Seminyak in the early hours of Saturday morning, when he got into an argument with a group of men.

One of the unknown men punched Field from behind in the back of the head, and according to Field’s friends the force of the blow was so strong it broke his jaw in three places.

The 23-year-old was rushed into surgery and has had 23 screws and three metal plates inserted into his jaw.

Mr Field says he had flown to Bali at the last minute to surprise his fiancé and forgot to book travel insurance.

His surgery is now already costing more than $25,000 and is mounting by the day. Friends have started a gofund page to help pay for his hospital costs.

Doctors have told his family he will need to spend at least the next week in hospital to recover and his mother has flown over to be with him.

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  • Sean Dewling

    This happened inside La Flavela?

  • James Clark

    That bar just seems to attract trouble

  • Jodie Hargreaves

    Poor bugger but no insurance silly that is why should make it a rule as you go through customs produce you insurance details or have it that you have to buy it when you buy a ticket.

  • Don Havig

    Whats with the title ‘king hit again’ does it relate to this story

    • John Thompson

      It means that the place called la favela is known for such behavior. The sooner it’s bulldozed into the ground the better.

    • Editor Seminyaktimes

      There was an infamous king hit a few years ago that almost killed someone in front of Townhouse and last year a guest losing an eye at the same venue

  • Jiro Made Sentena

    whomever assaulted this young man needs to be found, tried, and convicted of attempted manslaughter or assault with a deadly weapon, or both. why should the victim pay 25.000USD+ in medical bills and the perpetrator walks away with impunity? is there ANY justice or anything that resembles a functioning legal system at all? surely there is CCTV plus multiple witnesses. FIND THIS F’N CRIMINAL AND LOCK HIS ASS UP!!!

    • Justsomeone

      And I am wondering isn’t it a responsibility of the venue as well to make sure everyone in their building is safe? When this kind of things happened isn’t that means the management failed to provide safety to their customer and they are responsible to support the medical bill as well?

      • Susi

        The place owned by a sh*tty person also, as far as the trip advisor review says…

        • Justsomeone

          Haha I think most people agree to that.

          and you know what? I am feeling honored as my 1 star review in tripadvisor get their “Copy-paste” respond.

  • Manuel

    This is bullshit guys, I live in Bali and nothing happened on Saturday, don’t believe all you read in the web, most of the news are just fake…

  • Ant Mess

    The place is a bogan fest….

    • Kev eddy

      Doubt that will happen. It’s Bali

  • Kerry Godfrey

    Insurance aside..This happens far too often…violence first seems the rationale here…always…

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