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Image: Aakanksha Pande. Credit: Youtube.

A US citizen, Aakanksha Pande, 38, was caught by large waves and currents, and drowned at Double Six Beach on Saturday. The woman was a senior economist at the World Bank and was on holiday in Bali with her family.

The Head of Polda Bali Public Relations, AKBP Hengky Widjaja told on Sunday that Pande passed away on the way to the hospital and was on vacation with her husband, Ziad Haider. She was taken to the hospital by Kuta Beach lifeguards.

According to Sindonews, the victim, with her husband and six companions arrived at Double Six Beach at around 5pm. They were playing on the beach and swimming out to sea, when suddenly there was a big wave, which rolled the victim.

Police said that they tried to revive the woman with CPR after bringing her from the water and then evacuated her to Siloam Hospital.

According to Siloam Hospital records, the woman arrived there at around 5.35pm. “The doctors performed several checks on the patient, but the victim had already passed away before they arrived to the hospital. Then it was suggested that the woman be taken to Sanglah Hospital for an autopsy,” Hengky said.

Her body was taken to be temporarily kept at Sanglah Hospital.  “The police have already questioned all witnesses,” Hengky concluded.

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  • Dan

    So I helped pull her out of the water…
    Myself and an Australia emergency nurse keep her throat clear and gave cpr.
    1 life guard tried to help, he was out of time with CPR and read doing on her stomach.
    We pushed him away as he was clearly not trained.
    The ambulance staff would not come to the beach we had to carry her…
    She died because they didn’t know what to bloody do.
    It angers me that they say they helped and carried her… not true…
    The article says police spoke to witnesses, they never spoke to me or the nurse…
    She died for nothing… they were completely incompetent, had no machines to shock her heart they didn’t even have a bloody manual air bag assist…
    Funny how a story is told by a corrupt and oppressive government.

  • David

    It happens all the time inBali,,incredible incompetence allows people to die,,,unneccissarily in all sorts of emergency situations!!!???lifeguards who may be fit but with No proper training,,,

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