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A man was arrested on Friday evening for stealing cash from six foreign tourists staying at a villa where he worked on Thursday evening.

An Australian woman, Jane Michelle Aboud (47) reported the incident to police after discovering cash missing from the villa safe deposit boxes she and her five friends were staying in at Villa Suliac, Jalan Bhisma no. 5X in Legian, Kuta.

It is alleged the incident occurred on Thursday evening after 6.30pm when the guests were already out.

The total loss was approx. AU$ 2500 or the equivalent of Rp 25 million, as reported Beritabali

After receiving reports from victims on Friday morning, detectives from Kuta Polsek led by Iptu Putu Budiartama checked the location, examining witnesses and the crime scene.

“We checked all the employees and CCTV cameras in the villas. After interviewing the management, we focused our investigation on one of the employees of the housekeeping section,” explained the head of Kuta Polsek, Wayan Sumara on Sunday (22/10).

Hours later, officers found the perpetrator with initials P.D.A. at Villa Aramanis (the same management as Villa Suliac) at Jalan Plawa, Gang Beji, Seminyak. The suspect from Penebel Tabanan immediately admitted the theft.

“He admitted taking the victims’ money from the safety boxes while working in the morning,” explained Sumara.

The suspect admitted to police that he took the money in three different rooms. The three rooms were opened by the housekeeping keys and the safe deposit boxes were opened by using the safety box key kept in the villa staff area.

“The suspect was in action when the occupants were out and according to him he acted alone,” said Sumara, Sunday (22/10/2017).

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