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Four armed robbers who mostly targeted foreign tourists were arrested by Kuta Police last Saturday (20/05). They were identified as Moh. Abidin aka Bereng (29), I Made Sucita aka Gonjak (26), I Made Sudarma (40), and I Nyoman Putu Suardana (39), and because Gonjak tried to escape during a crime scene simulation, the police had to put a bullet in his leg.

“We’re still looking for more of their foreigner victims,” said Wayan Sumara, Head of Kuta Police, on Tuesday (23/05) in front of the Ground Zero Monument. “For now, the only one who has reported them was Erica Rini Pujiastuti, whose friend was hurt with a knife by one of the perpetrators.”

As reported by Bali Post, the case was first cracked by an Opsnal team member, officer Putu Budi Atama, as he patroled the Seminyak area, and on Saturday around 2.30am he heard a scream from Jalan Kayu Aya. As he ran to the source of the scream, he saw many people gathered around Erica, the victim of the mugging.

“She reported that her bag was grabbed by two people from behind, and one of them actually took out a knife and wounded the woman’s friend,” he added.

The police then chased the perpetrators, and thanks to the assistance of a taxi driver, they managed to capture Bereng. As the intel developed, they tracked and arrested Gonjak at his home in Jalan Kargo Sari, West Denpasar.

Based on further interrogation, Sucita confessed that he had mugged five people with Abidin at Jalan Kayu Aya; three times with Sudarma and Suardana; and six times on his own. Sudarma was caught at his home in Jalan Tukad Ciliwung, Panjer, and Suardana at Jalan Kargo Sari, West Denpasar. “They also confessed to sharing the profits they got from the muggings,” Sumara said. The gang confirmed that they always carried knives when they commit the crimes in case their victim resisted.

From the perpetrators’ homes, the police secured several pieces of evidence such as wallets, iPhone, NPWP (tax payer) card, driver’s licenses, gym membership card, Mandiri and BCA ATM card, credit card from Niaga Bank, and several other cards, along with some money.

“We’re still investigating the case, which includes looking for their victims,” said Sumara. “We suspect that Kuta Seminyak area is the only location where they committed the crimes.”