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Jumping from the roof onto a temporary shelter outside. (Credit:

The full story so far…  The hunt for Kerobokan Prison escapee, Christian Beasley is continuing, with police on alert at air and sea ports and also examining witnesses, including the escapee’s girlfriend. The second man who attempted to escape, Paul Anthony Hoffman, remains in custody.

Badung Police Chief AKBP Yudith Satriya Hananta, Tuesday (12/12) said, “To date, our officers have examined eight guards at the prison. From the results of the examination of the warden, it was ascertained that the mother of the perpetrator had visited the prison recently. “Until now we are still looking for his mother in Bali,” he said. (More on that below. Ed)

Is there any indication of insider involvement? “Until now we have not found any indication towards that. We are conducting an intensive investigation,” said AKBP Yudith.

Head of Public Relations at Bali Central Police Headquarters (Polda Bali), Commissioner Hengky Widjaja, said “One person (Paul Anthony Hoffman) was arrested after falling from the cell roof and onto the roof of the construction workers temporary housing. He was detained by the construction workers,” said Hengky.

Further to that, the Head of Badung Police, Commander Yudith Satria Hananta, stated that the police first knew about the escaped prisoner from the project workers that were living in the temporary house at the south of the prison. At first they were shocked because there was something falling onto the roof of the dwelling. They thought it was a prison wall falling and they ran to save their lives. However, it was thought to have been the first man, Beasley making a jump for it. A few minute later, there was another bang as something else fell on the roof. This time they went to the sound and found a prisoner. But the prisoner, Paul Anthony Hoffman, wasn’t going anywhere because he was hurt. The workers caught the prisoner and gave him to the prison guard. Hoffman was still serving a sentence of 1 year and 8 months for theft.

The escape process was also recorded by prison CCTV. “From the footage we now know that they got help from the outside,” said the Head of Kerobokan prison, Tonny Nainggolan, in his office on Monday.

The outsider helped the prisoner by informing them about the temporary house outside the prison. The temporary house height is 2 meters, so they can use it to escape. “We are still developing the case and we will find the helper,” Tonny said to

Tonny confirmed that the helper is not the project worker nor a prison guard. “There was a citizen that helped him and from the last information, he is still in Bali,” Tonny said.

Based on the investigation details, Paul Hoffman has admitted that he tried to escape with Cristian Beasley. They cut the iron using a saw, then they used a blue plastic rope that was tied with cable and ladder to get out. They climbed down with a rope. “We are still investigating how the tools like a saw and plastic rope can be used in the prison,” said Commander Yudith Satria.

Meanwhile, in a report from, the police they have been looking for Beasley’s mother at her house in the Legian area, but she is nowhere to be seen. “We waited in her house since Monday morning. But the house, according to neighbours, was empty since Sunday night,” said a police source.

Since Cristian Beasley was arrested, he was accompanied by his mother who came from the US. At this moment, the trial was still focusing on witness testimony in the Denpasar District Court. Cristian Beasley was caught for receiving a package containing hashish that was sent from US. His lawyer, Edward Pangkahila, said that he did not know Cristian’s whereabouts. “I just know that he escaped. I tried to call his mother, but the phone was turned off,” said Edward Pangkahila. He said that he last met his client and his mother last Tuesday in court.