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Image: Renon Post Office. Credit: Google.

American, Keita Stevenson Lovelace, 45, was found guilty and sentenced to 1.5 years in jail on Monday. The fashion designer from California, who had been residing in Bali for some time, was found guilty of a drug violation in a trial at the Denpasar District Court.

He received, through the post, a quantity of delta 9 tetrahydrocannabinol (better known as THC. Ed) for his personal use, which was contained in 20 cartridges/vials filled with a yellow coloured fluid, with a total weight of 36.6 grams or net weight 0.4 ml or 0.4 grams of the narcotic.

The defendant told the court through his lawyers, Mila Tayeb and partners, that he accepted the verdict.

The sentence was less than what the prosecution demanded. Previously, Public Prosecutors, Suhadi and Martinus, demanded the defendant be sentenced to two years.

The defendant was arrested after a package that arrived on 30 September 2017 was checked by officers at the Renon Post Office, Denpasar because there had been a tip off about drug packages sent by post from abroad.

Officers combed every parcel from abroad and a suspicious package was found in the name of the accused. A Cafe Latte box contained the narcotics and vape equipment.

The defendant was secured when taking the package.




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  • karina

    What about all the Australian clubs in Canggu Kuta Seminyak Legian were you can use drugs, who sell the drugs and provide everybody.
    bali is the biggest corrupt Island, who dont take care of clean their Island.


    This was such a ridiculous and petty sentence. Suhadi and Martinus are a perfect example of what gives Bali a bad reputation and prove to be detrimental to the foreign travel and tourism market by which the Indonesian economy and culture thrive. What they are after is money. They are self driven by greed and animosity. They first picture this American citizen with an Australian who was detained for an outrageous amount of crystal methamphetamine but was soon after released into therapy. How is it that the jail in Denpasar is saturated with crystal meth users? This American was asked to be a fitness instructor in jail and given phone privileges. Suhadi and Martinus are despicable and insensitive to human nature. They are corrupt and care nothing about the Indonesian economy and reputation. The government of Indonesia should not be inferior to these so called Public Proscecutors

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