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Image: Money changers under scrutiny. Credit: ST

Sixteen money changers that didn’t have a permit were closed by authorities in Kuta Legian yesterday.

A joint unit consisting of Kuta Police, Bali Central Police, and Bali branch of the Bank Indonesia as well as Satpol PP, Pecalang, and the local village were involved in the round up.

According to the Head of Kuta Police, Commissioner I Nyoman Wirajaya, this operation was proof to the community and tourists that complaints were being followed up on relating to money changer fraud cases. There were 16 money changers that were closed and several rate boards were secured.

“These unlicensed money changers have become my priority since I became the Head of Kuta Police. As a result, many unregistered money changers were closed and we will continue doing this in the future,” he said to

“There were 16 money changers that could not show us the permit from BI, three of them did not have an owner, so BI sealed them,” he said.

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  • Ken J Wickes

    A small step in the right direction. Just 1 of 100 things damaging Bali’s image and return tourism.

    If the powers that be are reading social media posts…
    Residents would also like to see the “unlicensed ojeks” removed and existing taxis fined for noise pollution and causing traffic congestion in many areas. If not removed completely and making it illegal to flag down a taxi/ojeks.. .. Turning towards only app or ordered rides… There is no reason to have 13k taxis crawling on the roads at 2km/hr all day long honking every 3 feet like cheap prostitutes crying out “massssssage masssssage” begging for attention… And it’s incredibly annoying to get get harassed the same way by ojeks every 10 feet when walking.
    Being pawed at and mauled by groups of them around Kuta has reduced the tourist foot traffic immensely.

  • Herling Untu W

    Never they pay off the police its terrible.

  • Sam Lerendu


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