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Image: UK man detained running amok in Sayan.  Credit:

Sayan village pecalang security officers and local community police detained a UK man, Gatrad Abdul Raazik, 33, after becoming angry, screaming at passersby while brandished a knife on the street in front of his villa in Banjar Penestanan Kelod, Sayan Village, on Sunday at around 1pm.

The Head of the Sayan Village, I Made Andika, explained to police that the owner of the villa reported to the local banjar that there was a foreigner who was screaming out of control and carrying a knife when he entered a villa next to his own villa. The owner reported the incident to the banjar, who coordinated with village security officers to control the man.

“We suspect that the man was depressed, but we don’t know the circumstances. We handed him over to the police, who are investigating it further,” he said to

The banjar chief also said that there are many homestays, villas and hotels in the area, which is why he has asked the owners of the accommodations to be more selective when they received guests.
“Incidents like this could influence the image of the village,” he added.

Witnesses said that the man hadn’t been out of his villa for two days before he went outside and began acting crazy on Sunday. The Head of Ubud Polsek, Commissioner I Nyoman Nuryana, said that Gianyar community police had handled the case. They will coordinate with related authorities or they could send the man to his consulate.