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Image:  DWP Bali 2018. Credit:

Police arrested two local men, M. R.aka Adi Imbron, 35 and H. aka Karso, 34, at Djakarta Warehouse Project (DWP) held at Garuda Wisnu Kencana (GWK) over the weekend, after they were found snatching partygoers’ smartphones late Saturday night. Meanwhile, another suspect, C., is still on the run. It is alleged that the phone snatchers managed to steal more than a dozen smartphones from the electronic music festival.

“South Kuta police were assigned tosecure the concert and we were backed up by Denpasar and Bali Polda police,”said the Head of South Kuta Polsek Criminal Investigation Unit, First Inspector Muh. Nurul Yaqin to balipost.comon Tuesday.

They received a report from a guest, Felix Prilianto Kurniawan, 27, on Sunday at around 12.30am that his smartphone was gone. “The smartphone was snatched from the victim’s pocket when they jostled watching the show,” he added.

The police searched the area and they detained the two men. They put them into a safe place to avoid the crowd running amok. Then they took them to the men’s house in Jalan Polonia I, Tuban. The police didn’t find anything there, because according to reports, the other suspect, C. had already taken the stolen smartphones and escaped.

When the men were interrogated it was revealed that they had been pickpocketing phones since day one, December 7. They admitted stealing five iPhones on the first day and 11 more smartphones on the second day. “They planned to sell the stolen phones in Bogor, West Java,” Yaqin concluded.