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Image: Iranians found guilty of theft. Credit:

Two Iranian men, Shiraziniya Azad, 53, and Shirazi Nia Hossein, 41, could not hide their joy when Denpasar District judges sentenced them to four months in jail on Monday. The verdict, which was read by Partha Bhargawa, SH, MH, in effect set them free, as they had already been in jail for four months, which was included in the sentence.

“The defendants are proven guilty and we sentence them to four months in jail,” proclaimed the judge yesterday. Previously, the Public Prosecutor, I Gede Agus Suraharta, SH, demanded the judge sentence the men to five months in jail because they violated Article 363 paragraph 1 point 4 of Criminal Code about stealing.

The case began on January 30, 2019, at around 8.50pm when the defendants pretended to be police officers and told a Chinese tourist, Long Zhihong, 46, who was walking along Jalan Patih Jelantik, Kuta that they were looking for a drug case suspect. Azad got out of the car and checked the Chinese man’s body and pockets. He asked the victim to give him his wallet and after he checked the wallet for a while, gave it back to the victim and left. When they had left the area, the man realized that the defendants had stolen USD 1,400 from his wallet. The victim reported the case to Kuta Polsek.

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  • Peter Pan

    only 4 months?!

  • bali john

    Oh Come on, that is pathetic only 4 months….I’m an Aussie myself and I drive in Bali all the time, if I got caught by the Police, I could get more than 4 months for not having the right licence etc in my car if I didnt pay my way out of it.. how much did they pay?????

  • Repesse

    I tend to agree that such a sentence for impersonating a police officer, making an illegal police control, stealing such a large sum of money from a foreign tourist, thus casting such a poor image on te national police is totally meaningless. The story does not say wether the tourist was reimbursed, was awarded a financial compensation or if the culprits had to pay the legal fees but it certainly does have a nasty smell of KKN (corruption and collusion) and seem that the judge may have been influenced by a generous financial compensation for pronouncing such a lenient sentence.

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