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Image: How it works. Credit: AtoZ Forex

Two Bulgarian men were detained by Ubud police on Wednesday around dawn. The foreigners, with the initials of AS, 28, and MH, 26, were detained because they were suspected of putting a skimming device on a CIMB Niaga ATM machine, located on Jalan Bisma, Ubud.

From the information that was obtained by, the foreigners were seen by a security officer at a nearby restaurant. He became suspicious because the men were a long in the ATM room. He became even more suspicious when one of them covered the CCTV camera inside with duct tape. He then reported the incident to police while he kept monitoring the men in the ATM. Several minutes later, police arrived, led by Inspector Andika Arya Pratama and they found the foreigners still in the ATM room.

The police entered and began questioning the men, but the suspects did not admit any crime. However, seeing the covered CCTV camera, the police decided there was enough evidence to arrest them on the spot and they were brought to Ubud police headquarters. The police also secured other evidence including a gray APV vehicle, two waist bags, three mobile phones, four ATM cards, two black wallets, five hats, a roll of black duct tape, a roll of white cable, a pair of pliers, two red prying tools, a screwdriver, 10 connectors, a folding knife, a bent iron rod, a WiFi connector, and a round key with a red tip.

Police removed a police line at the ATM around noon yesterday and the investigation continues.