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A Turkish female student, 27, was almost raped by an online motorbike taxi driver in Jimbaran on Monday. However, the young woman fought back and almost bit the suspect’s tongue off.

Initially the victim booked an online bike lift from Bali Buda Sanur to her boarding house in Jimbaran. According to SindoNews, the driver with initials E.S.L.B., 23, picked up the woman and when they arrived to the Jimbaran McDonald’s intersection, the driver made a turn in the wrong direction. He took the victim to a quiet location near Movenpick Hotel.

At this point he tried to rape the woman. But the victim fought back and bit his tongue. After biting the suspect’s tongue, the victim ran and came across a passerby, who took the woman to Kasih Ibu Kedonganan Hospital for treatment to her injuries. She had wounds on her head and her hands. Her fingers were also hurt after being thrown to the ground.

The perpetrator was also taken to the same hospital for treatment. However, the medical team referred the offender to Sanglah Hospital, Denpasar, to do surgery.

The case has been reported to the South Kuta police station and is now being handled by police.

“Both the victim and perpetrator are still hospitalized. Police are still investigating this case. You see, the victim is still in shock, while we haven’t managed to question the perpetrator because at this moment he can’t talk,” said a source to NusaBali.

Separately, South Kuta Police Chief I Nengah Patrem confirmed the rape case conducted by the online motorcycle taxi driver. According to him, the victim has not yet reported the incident to the police. However, members of the force have been getting testimony from witnesses and also have been to the hospital to check the victim.

The suspect arrived at Sanglah Hospital, Denpasar, at around 11.20 pm and had immediate emergency surgery to his tongue.

(It wasn’t clear in any of the stories today which online motorbike taxi company it was. Ed)

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