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This is the scene yesterday afternoon down on Seminyak Beach in front of Jayakarta Hotel.

The Times spoke with local Seminyak resident, Nik about the situation. “Maybe the rubbish is here because there wasn’t any trash collection over the last three days of holiday, but there is still an extraordinary amount of plastic in the ocean and on the beach every day.”

Yes the trash saga goes on and so does this long wet season. “I’ll check it again later to see if it’s gone,” continued Nik. “There were two other piles also in the facility about half as big. This government should be embarrassed.”

The trash has been accumulating over the past few days as tourists from all over the planet try to enjoy their time on holidays. “The trash comes and goes but they never seem to get to the bottom of it. This beach is so mismanaged,” says local resident Nik.

Local representatives couldn’t be found let alone asked to make a comment.