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Photo. The kids are cleaning the beaches but parents are nowhere to be seen. Image BaliPost.

Trash has hit the entire west coast of Bali as garbage is reported to be everywhere on the beaches of Negara. The seashore of Ketapang Lampu, Pengambengan Village, Negara is full of rubbish and has created a messy and unhealthy condition on the beach.

The rubbish was not only from the sea, but also from neighbour’s household trash.

The local head of Ketapang Lampu village, Pengambengan, Negara agrees and says he suspects that the community has thrown the trash everywhere on the streets and the beach.

He said that he was disappointed with this behavior of the local community, during a beach cleaning operation that was performed by volunteers, students and teachers of Pengambengan and Babinsa Primary Schools and Pengambengan village officers on Saturday.

“It is very hard to make the villagers do the right thing. For example, we were working hard to remove the rubbish, but they only sit and watch. We already asked them to help us, but they did not want to. Even when there is stagnant water we had to clean the street drains ourselves. But, we have a responsibility to ourselves to try to do the job well,” he said to

He has already proposed to put a rubbish tip, recycle bins or containers in the area, but there is still no progress. He also hoped the community can look after the environment better and begin to throw the trash away properly.

Meanwhile, Pengambengan Primary Principal, Anom Karyono, stated that he appreciated the volunteers work to educate their students and to take care the environment. “We are ready when there is another chance to clean the rubbish, especially in Pengambengan area. We want this to increase the community awareness to take care the environment,” he said.