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Starting yesterday, Operasi Patuh Jaya 2017 will be held across Indonesia for 14 days until May 22. The police operation targets traffic violators, and foreign tourists are not excluded.

“Tourists who don’t wear shirts or only wear a bikini will not be fined, but they we will sent back to their hotels (to change, we presume. Ed),” said AA Made Sudana, Head of the Bali Traffic Police, as reported by Berita Bali.

Sudana explained that the priority of the operation is to lower the number of accidents in Bali, since, based on his data, there were 46 cases of accidents reported causing the death of 15 people during last year’s operation alone. The total number of road accidents that happened in Bali in 2016 amounted to 25000, while up to April of this year there were a reported 5000 accidents.

According to a report in yesterday’s BaliPost, Sudana said that the traffic death toll in Bali last year was 480 people. Most of the victims are motorcyclists.

For the operation (which last year caught 10.220 drivers), the police have deployed 1175 personnel with the aim not only to target traffic violators but also drivers who carry too much load. “We have already coordinated with the Transportation Agency to deal with these traffic violators,” said Sudana.

And he ensured the public that his personnel won’t be engaging in the collection of illegal fines. “I ensure that our members will not engage in such acts. We guarantee this to be a clean operation. We have supervisors in the field.”

He also mentioned that it would be more difficult to collect illegal fines since the police now have implemented E-Tilang (or E-ticketing) during the operation. But if the public was confronted by any dishonest police officer he implored them to report the case immediately.

(So get ready to visit court or pay the real fine next time you are caught out on the streets of Bali. Ed)


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  • Roy

    Its about time and does that iclude people riding on the footpaths

  • Dee

    Guess what, just a random rant, but they need to block that u-ey opposite Grand Lucky.. I think it is only moronic that there is a u-ey like 50 metres after the traffic light on the busiest part of Sunset road.. it stalls the traffic!

  • Colin

    About time. Too many stupid bule’s riding without helmets, or shirts, or brains.

    • Ian

      The no-brains is after the first accident while not wearing a helmet

  • Chris Ivens

    First two years in jail for blasphemy and now These raids against western habits. Indonesia is rapidly entering an extramaric Islamic (read Saudi Arabian model) country,I think. What is the next……….

    • Ozis NotWest

      Since when is shirtless in public places a western habit?
      You see shirtless people all over EU cities, USA cities?
      in fact its public indecency, as is drinking in public places also not allowed in most countries in the west!

  • Matt

    Does get tiring seeing people on holiday thinking its OK to drive around shirtless or walk through supermarkets and even in restaurants.

    Does it not cross there small brains that it is not done by locals or anyone else

    So why do they feel that it’s a Cool thing to do…

  • Joe Moer

    I am an ex-pat, an educated one.
    I read everywhere comments about how in western culture we don’t have these rules, and I am dumbfounded at the sheer ignorance of these people.
    In the west;
    Going shirtless in public is public indecency in most countries.
    Drinking in public places is illegal in most countries.
    Smoking in restaurants and public places is illegal in most countries
    Riding a motor bike without a helmet is illegal in most countries.
    Drugs are illegal.
    Disturbing the peace is illegal.
    Some western countries still have the death penalty……
    So how anyone can say this is an affront on western culture is an indication of that person’s lack of intelligence and poor upbringing or just pimply face juvenile arrogance. Mostly its white trash youth away from their parents watchful eye for the first time.
    In closing, if you can not respect or don’t like a country’s culture and laws, go home or go elsewhere, no one is holding a gun to your head saying you must be here. In fact it will be cheers and applause all round with shouts of “good riddance to bad rubbish!” .

  • Peter

    Take it one more step and stop motorbike riding for tourists in Bali
    Make it the law you need licence

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