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Images: Blocked Short Cut Road in Berawa. Credit: Desa Tibubeneng.

Yesterday the Berawa – Batubulong shortcut was closed to traffic for repairs.

Made Kemajaya from the Tibubeneng local government said in a video released on Sunday evening that the short cut road in Berawa would be closed from March 11 till March 16, 2019.

“We want to inform all users of Jalan Short Cut Tibubeneng Canggu that road repairs will be made precisely in front of the Tibubeneng Dharma Kumara II TK area. Based on this, the Short Cut Tibubeneng Canggu is temporarily CLOSED from March 11, 2019 to March 16, 2019. They wish road users to look for alternative routes,” he said in the short video.

At first it seemed the only alternative was using Jalan Raya Canggu to get from Berawa to Batubulong and vice versa but it has now become apparent traffic is using the back entrance to the short cut via the Montessori school road. Traffic is still expected to be banked up in the area especially around sunset.

Members of the community have been asking for an alternative road or connection in the area for a long period of time as tourist and resident numbers to the area increase daily. As yet, nothing has been done to improve the situation.