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While the regional government of Jebrana, Bali is trying to promote the Gumi Makepung tourism site in the area, several foreign tourists have reported bad experiences transiting Terminal Gilimanuk (close to the port).

Gilimanuk is the entrance to Bali from the island of Java. Other than the absence of information regarding ticket pricing, the bus terminal is populated by numerous ‘calo’ (unofficial ticket vendors) who are competing with each other to get passengers onto the buses, causing unease amongst tourists.

“The bus terminal is an embarrassment to Bali, and the conditions are no different to 20 years ago,” complained Fiona Coates, a tourist who recently took a bus from Terminal Gilimanuk. Coates told the Bali Post that she has been travelling across Indonesia since two decades ago using various forms of public transport, and she deemed the terminal gave her the worst experience out of all.

She felt threatened and uncomfortable by the behavior of the ‘calo’, who can be quite pushy. Coates hoped that the local government can find a solution to this problem. Gilimanuk is becoming busier with foreign tourists coming and going from Bali, and touring East Java spots like Banyuwangi and Bromo.

Made Dwi Maharimbawa, Head of Transportation Agency, said that he will discuss this matter with the head of the terminal’s management. “We will check the situation, this will be our focus,” he said.