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Image: Fast Boats to Nusa Penida and Lembongan Canceled Again. Credit: Youtube

The cancelation of fast boats crossing to Nusa Penida from Bali due to the recent rough conditions on the ocean has had a significant impact on tourist visits to Nusa Penida.

According to the Head of Klungkung Tourism, I Nengah Sukasta, yesterday, tourist visits have dropped dramatically in the last five days. “The impact is not good for Nusa Penida. Tourists cannot get to the island because the crossing is limited,” he said to

Sukasta said that he received information from his staff yesterday that the condition of the sea around Nusa Penida was normal and it was safe to cross. He also questioned the third advice letter which was issued by the Benoa Port authority. “I know they prioritize safety. I don’t want to fight it. But, I also know that the condition is already good (yesterday). So, why does the cancellation have to be extended? It’s fatal for Nusa Penida, because the tourist visits have dropped already and we cannot deliver goods,” he added.

The Head of Klungkung Hotel and Restaurant Association (PHRI), I Wayan Kariana, also said that tourist visits have significantly drop. Many tourists have cancelled their trips to Nusa Penida, Lembongan, and Jungut Batur. That’s why the hotel occupancy, restaurants and transportation services incomes have also drastically dropped. “They cancelled their orders,” he said. He also said that he has already asked about the cancellation to Sanur authorities, and they said that as long as the condition is good, fast boat can cross. “Many tourists cancelled their visits to Nusa Penida because of the unclear information,” he concluded.

Meanwhile, the surf is even larger today and fast boats have again been barred from leaving port.