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Image: Foreign tourists visit Bersakih temple near Mount Agung. Credit:

Tourist arrivals to Bali from January to April 2019 decreased marginally compared to the same period of 2018. Arrivals last year totaled 1,884,459, while tourist visits during 2019 reached 1,828,935.

The Head of Badung Tourism Board, I Made Badra, said that the decrease was normal because it was during low season. He was optimistic that the visits would increase in the second quarter.

“The data showed that the visits have decreased, but it happened at the beginning of the year in the low season. We hope the visits will increase significantly in May, June and July, because it is holiday season during those months,” said Badra to on Sunday.

He explained that the tourist visits were still dominated by Chinese, Australian and Indian tourists at the moment. “They were followed by British and US tourists during April 2019, while in March 2019 they were followed by US and Japanese tourists,” he said.

He was also optimistic that the targeted 6.8 million tourist arrivals during 2019 could be achieved. The target has increased compared with last year, which was 6.5 million visits. “I hope there are no disasters or crimes which could cause inconveniences, which have affected tourist visits in the past,” he concluded.

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  • George stobbs

    I think Bali is becoming more expensive and the crime rate increasing that is turning people to other holiday destinations I love the island be have to be more alert today

  • Christian

    Last year in Q1 was the affect of Mt. Agung and if this year the numbers even decreased this should be alarming since the first quarter last year had a huge dent as it was a direct impact . Also Q2 last year fell into he booking window when Mt. Agung happened thus it should be increasing this year vs. last year . It should be looked at why the numbers of visitors do continuously fall behind expectations and vs. previous years most of the time .

  • Peter de Jager

    Two low seasons are compared. The head of tourism says the decrease is caused by the low season. Not so intelligent, sorry. The season is low cause it lower than last low season. Should not the head find a more plausible and intelligent cause like crime, traffic, pollution, election, radical Islam, volcano eruptions, earth quakes?

  • Dave

    Mr Badra has his head in the sand…bali is becoming more expensive..crime and general fraud is up..more rubbish everywhere..and every year more taxes..entry /exit tax…anti Bule sentiment is Up..locals are nattling to make a living..
    If this quarter is down on last year which was down also due to volcanic eruptions ..well that makes it way down this year..
    He needs to admit they as a government can not. Keep “biting the hand that feeds you.”..i know for a fact the chinese are going elsewhere for good value..
    I love Bali 14 visits over the years..and considering retiring there ..but they are also making that harder as well..and much more expensive…
    In australia foreigners can buy a property and own Can Not do that in Bali..
    So i am going elsewhere till they if ever clean up their act…
    “Paradise Lost”

  • Repesse

    It is time for responsible decision makers to stop killing the chicken that laid golden eggs. If their only concern is quantity and hosting cheap, trashy tourists in large numbers, they are doing exactly the right thing. Mass tourism will simply destroy the charm that has survived so far on that particular island. So sad.

  • Bali View

    Tourism decreasing is needed.
    The rampant construction.
    Pollution and Trefic Levels have become so out of control that it is no longer enjoyable living even in the Bukit now. The North of Bali needed the airport to spread people out further and not congest everything into the South.
    The Southern penisula is now loosing its appeal. Nusa Dua, Uluwatu, Ungasan are the last places left that still have a Calm and Balinese feel…

  • Julie Mills

    From all accounts ,yes crime and fraud is on the increase ….I am going with fellow travellers in July. This is the first time back in five years . I am already looking to holiday else where if this trip has any hiccups

  • Darren Tolputt

    Bali is becoming to expensive, we go to Bali to enjoy the Balinese culture and because it was good value.
    Now hotels and villas are changing western prices for accommodation it’s changing the way people think about Bali now.
    Traffic congestion nothing has been done for years to ease the problem ( how about use some of the tourist $$$ to fix it) the only way to travel around Bali now is by motor bike, Bali does not have the appeal it once had, people are now looking around at other countries for cheaper holidays

  • Arthur Karvan

    Getting around is the biggest complaint I hear . The outrageous behavior of private car drivers blocking the fantastic services of online transport and taxis is astonishingly tolerated by the government. Online services in transport and getting you and bringing you things is outstanding and progressive and speaks highly of Indonesian’s ability to get things done. All undone by bullying.

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