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Yesterday, the first day of non-cash transactions on the toll road, was a minor fiasco with long queues of vehicles waiting to pay the toll charge with the new toll credit card.

As reported by Nusa Bali, the traffic jams occurred at all toll gates of the Bali Mandara toll road during most of the day due to the number of travelers trying to buy the card or refilling or topping up their toll credit cards right at the gate.

“The top-up process takes a long time, which caused the congestion. In addition, there are many drivers who do not have the Unik card and were buying it at the toll gate, so that caused queues,” said Drajat Hari Suseno from PT Jasamarga Bali Toll. “The Bank BNI report I received said they sold 1,500 electronic toll cards at the Benoa toll gate alone yesterday,” he continued.

Drajat said that 150,000 Unik cards had been made and if that is not enough the bank is ready to make more.

The Unik card is not only valid at the Mandara Bali Toll, but on all national toll roads too. People from outside Bali can use their cards here and vice versa, anyone from Bali can use their card in Jakarta for example. “Because this card can be used nationally,” said Drajat.

Unik cards for the Bali Mandara Toll Road include E-Tol, E-Money (Bank Mandiri), Brizzi (BRI), Tapcash (BNI), BPD Bali, BLINK (BTN), FLAZZ (BCA), and Indomaret card. The card can be obtained and recharged/topped up in branches of Bank Mandiri, BRI, BNI, BTN, BPD Bali, BCA, and all Indomaret outlets. Credit cards cannot be used at the toll gate. The Unik Card can still be purchased at the gate until December.

According to PT Jasamarga Bali Tol, the number of vehicles using the toll road is a total of 52,000 units – 55 percent four-wheel vehicles and 45 percent two-wheeled.

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