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Three tourists from South Africa—Sean Sutton (22), Daniel Anderson (21), and Devin Grey (39)—were swept out to sea from Atuh Beach, Nusa Penida, on Tuesday (08/08) around 3 pm.

Head of Nusa Penida Police, I Ketut Suastika, said that the unfortunate incident happened when the three tourists were fishing, using a crossbow, in the waters of Atuh Beach. They were dragged out to sea by the currents. Sutton escaped by swimming to the shore, but the other two weren’t so lucky as the current pulled them further away from the beach.

“We are still searching for the two people,” said Suastika, as quoted by Berita Bali. “Around 6.00pm they were seen stranded on the edges of a cliff on one of the islands around Atuh Beach. The tide was low at the time. The location of the island is a bit hard to reach.”

Meanwhile, according to Tribun Bali, as of this morning at around 1.00am, Anderson and Grey were still seen alive near the island. “We heard their response when we called them,” added Suastika. The police are now coordinating closely with the Search & Rescue Team to evacuate the two South Africans.


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  • Marcus McEntee

    Happens alot.

    • Evert Jan Hoek

      and that’s just an understatement

    • Colleen Allan

      Too many have lost their lives in the waters off Nusa Penida……very sad indeed….

    • Chris Le

      How much effort does it take to get call in a dive boat to pick them up?

    • Nicholas Jon Schwaebe

      You are on your own in Indonesia

    • Kees A. Valk

      you wanna be saved…….payment in advance…

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