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Image: Jalan Oberoi around sunset last week. Credit: SWD.

While Bali’s tourism industry is now right down in the dumps, with close to zero tourists on the island due to the COVID-19 outbreak, the Head of the Bali Tourism Office, Putu Astawa, has stated that they will not allow tourism to stay down for too long. He told the press this morning, Thursday (9/4) that the government has now prepared three strategies to find our way back to normal.

For now, we remain at the first stage, with the government continuing to implement their present emergency response to the pandemic. This includes carrying out the mitigation and care of COVID-19 patients in hospitals on the island. The socializing and education of the public regarding COVID-19 prevention; the applying of social and physical distancing, the use of masks for all and especially those who are sick or when outside the home, and implementing a ‘be clean and healthy’ policy.

The second stage is recovery. “We predict, and hope that by June the recovery phase would have begun,” he surmised.

The recovery phase, continued Astawa, would begin when the COVID-19 cases had begun to fall dramatically. Promotional efforts would then be restarted. At least for domestic tourists in the beginning. It is thought that foreign tourists will need more time for promotion.

“After passing the recovery stage, we will then start the third strategy, namely, normalization,” he continued.

“Our estimate is that by September or October, we can start towards the normalization stage. So we can invite foreign ambassadors, consul generals to witness that Bali is safe to be visited,” he said.

It is estimated that Bali receives approx. Rp 150 trillion per annum from the tourism industry. The island began losing 50 percent of tourists in March. If April has near to zero visitors, the estimated loses of foreign exchange will be up to Rp 18 trillion in just March-April alone, said Astawa.

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  • ronald carter

    Bali will recover well before this year passes. I base this thinking on the state of coronavirus cases and recoveries. At the moment there are about 1.4 million positive cases world wide but there’s about four hundred thousand people who have recovered. People who have recovered will be the catalyst for the worlds recovery. If you can’t catch the bug you can go anywhere. Another thing in Bali’s favour. Is they are a young population statistics puts them in a positive position. I will return to wonderful Bali soon. Thank You Ron

    • tormentsistermac

      what a joke…1.4 million positive cases, even if you add in 10x unknown cases, so something ~15m cases in 3 month worldwide, compared to ~7750m world population, now tell me again that this pandemic ends soon.
      as long as there is no vaccine or 66% of the population has survived the disease, an end is still in the distant future. Nobody knows yet how long you stay immune after surviving the illness. and don’t forget a second wave like it just started in singapore…

  • Hadodi

    may the Gods have mercy with them.

  • jaime

    First thing is switch on VOA…. no international flights till then…

  • Andy

    Now, let me tell you straight, nobody is coming to Bali until their is a cure for Covid19. What does that tell you,… it tells you 18 months of zero foreign tourists. The Bali stage 2 recovery plan of throwing money into promoting Bali as safe, is a complete waste of money. This is my opinion, so we just wait and see.

    Back packers will be the first foreigners to arrive, if that’s your market, then March next year will be good for your business. November next year will see the beginning of the 5 star family market. I hope you have plenty of savings, as that is the fail safe technique for everyone to consider for the future.

    Once borders are open, who says the invisible enemy has gone, quite the opposite. The enemy is just waiting for you to open up, hence why we have to wait and don’t make the same mistake that all countries have recently made by their slow reaction.

    • Nils

      You obviously have no idea how the surfer brain works. It will be slow but Bali surf is the most unique in the world – no surfer wants to miss out on that

    • Bruce

      Andy you are a EDIT. What do you know? In such tough time’s if you do not want to be part of the solution keep your pessimistic mouth shout. How many Balinese have savings? I delivered meals to starving people today and then read your crap. You are a EDIT.

      • tormentsister

        sry the only joke here is…. you, you are like mr trumpy…. everthing will be ok in x weeks, untill he realise this pandemic is real.
        you say the fewest balinese have savings, and how many can afford a hospital stay with intensive care? and how many intensive beds are there on bali?
        as andy said, if you can’t think outside the box and have an eye on global developments, you’re the one who better keeps your mouth shut

      • Ellen Foster-Taylor

        Not only the Balinese are poor and hungry, what about the rest of the world including the West? Where do you think they’ll get work and money to travel? Tourism for a Ali will be dead for a very long time….get real and grow up and face reality.

  • douglas Ian Mclean

    Firstly, nobody trusts Indonesia’s statistics regarding COVID-19. There is virtually no testing and most people living in Australia (and other countries) believe that the Indonesian Government is deliberately hiding the real impact of COVID-19 in Bali to protect its reputation as a tourist destination. I, like many other Australians, am a regular traveller to Bali. My first visit was in 1974. You will not see many tourists return to Bali until there is a proven vaccine on the market. That is not going to happen until after November 2020 or next year. Until then, there will still be many travel restrictions in place by most western countries, including Australia.

    • Ellen Foster-Taylor

      Douglas McLean…..nobody trusts the Indonesian stats,, not only Australia. Thank you for saying how it really is.

  • Andy

    My dear Bruce, you need to monitor global news channels more closely, as then you will realise the sad truth. I do hope we are wrong…God Bless Bali.

  • susan gardner

    There are places like Solemen Indonesia that are trying desperately to get food to people that have nothing. They need all the help they can get. please donate to them {find them on their web page ] they do an amazing job, but need money to pay for the food and medical supplies. Please find it in your heart to donate.

  • Jimi

    Bali tourism destroyed the beauty of the island. In 2008 Ubud was the center of the culture, now it’s the centre of kitsch!
    The island very rich culture is drowning!
    Bedugul is not tranquil anymore!
    Bali must find it’s own way not emulating Ibiza or Koh Pangan!
    The 4 million people living on this island are caught in the tourist trap.
    They pay for it!
    They work hard on the rice terasses not getting paid from tourists…

    Hopefully the new international airport in the north of Bali will never happen.

    I refrain from political jokes because sometimes they get elected.

    My deepest thanks to the village I live in and the Bali people,

    The important things are family and village. Stopping all massive celebration in the new year, Nyepi!
    They act, … but are restricted by central powers.

    Bali is totally unique, and they sell it for a few cents(dollar).

    If you love Bali help in any little way!


  • Philip n goodbarne

    A few slight flaws

    Wether true or not the bottom line is that no one believes Indonesian contagion figures , only so much blame can be placed on dengue fever

    Once you have caught covid 19 no one knows how long you are immune for , so no one wants to risk catching it again … air travel is a high risk transmission area

    Finally one big dose of reality tourists are not going to return until it’s TOTALLY safe to do so and that means a vaccine or use of existing medecines that zero the risk of death if caught

  • Peter

    No tourists for 18 months, that is what awaits Bali and all tourist destinations around the world, only guests turning up will be from Java etc. As Andy said, your statistics don’t add up and we won’t be allowed to return from a holiday in Bali with out going into quarentine for 2 weeks, that’s not going to appeal to Mums and Dads, backpackers spending $2 a day is all you will get – sad, unfortunate but you must get ready now for this reality

  • Putu

    Hey all, Lot of interesting oppinions i have read about. With misteryous predictions base on Balinese poam as it has been readed and trusted, all will be back step by step starting on 29th May 2020. Hope thats is true and if we think twice, that is true to waste the money to promote the bussiness since on over seas the other country ( Bali Visitor mostly ) is being on recovery. Bali has tourism industry for lifelihood, so on this time lets pray and hope the situation get better soon. ..

    Thank you for your kind for Bali.

    kind Regards


    Operator Seminyak Tour

  • Bill

    Let us all hope that instead of hesitation, tourists will be anxious to travel after being cooped up for so long. Bali will come back stronger than before.

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