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Image: Suwung landfill. Credit: Mein Leben auf Bali.

The Suwung rubbish dump transformation has begun with some of the 32.46 hectare site being transformed into an eco-park, while the rest of the site will be managed using sanitary landfill and a waste to energy plant.

“Our target is to complete the project prior to the start of the IMF World Bank meeting,” the Head of Residence Environment Healthcare Working Unit of Public Works Ministry, IB Lanang said to

Lanang said that the Suwung Rubbish Dump plan was approved by the central government on December 27, 2017 and they have prepared a budget of Rp 250 billion.

The project will start on the western side, which can be seen from Bali Mandara Toll.

22.46 hectares of the land will be greened and beautified using three terraces and will be complete with a walking and jogging track. “The highest level will be 47 meters,” Lanang said. The other 10 hectares will continue to be used as sanitary landfill and waste to energy management.

Lanang hoped that the Waste-to-Energy Plant will be built soon, as if not, garbage will once again pile up quickly.

Bali Governor, Mangku Pastika, also stated that he appreciated and was thankful that the Suwung project had already started. He felt relieved because that there is a solution to manage the garbage on the Suwung site. He hoped that the beautification project will be followed up by the Waste-to-Energy Plant construction at the provided location.