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Image: Firemen battle the Suwung fire. Credit: ST

As the fire begins burn and smolder, Denpasar’s Environmental and Hygiene Department (DLHK) has asked for assistance from fire brigades from Klungkung and Gianyar. Head of the DLHK Denpasar B3 Waste and Waste Management, Ketut Adi Wiguna today said that the fire could not be completely extinguished as was presumed yesterday.

They continue to spray water over the fire which has now spread even wider.

Wiguna said there are a number of obstacles in extinguishing the fire. In addition to the strong winds, the larger capacity fire trucks cannot reach the site and the small sized trucks are having trouble doing the job properly. “The big ones are only standby below and are supplying water to the smaller trucks,” Adi Wiguna said.

Heavy duty excavators have also been brought in to break down the burning waste, then proceed with spraying the water.

Police are continuing the investigation into how the fire began, but the assumption is that it started from a methane gas explosion.

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  • David stevens

    They need helicopter water get to the source

  • David stevens

    About the last thing denpasar / sanur needs is more .Smoke..they need to stop it would be putrid like 25 yea rs ago when the locals decided to clean up..was good idea and needed .But they Burned the Rubbish.Tidak bagus!!

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