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Tanah Lot Tourist Attraction (DTW) is targeting to attract 2.8 million visitors in 2017. Though the management of the site hopes that they can go far beyond that number.

Their confidence is inspired by the 3.5 million visitors that they were able to lure in last year. “We hope in 2017 the numbers can exceed the total number of visitors from 2016, even reaching up to four million visitors,” said Ketut Toya Adnyana, the Manager of DTW.

According to Bali Post, up to now there has been a five percent increase compared to last year. Till June 2017, the number of visitors clocked in at 1.775.203, up from 2016 with 1.692.481. Toya added that the visitors are still dominated by international tourists, about 54 percent and local tourists accounted for the rest, 46 percent.

To attract more visitors, the management will hold the upcoming event Tanah Lot Kreatif Food and Art Festival 2017, along with a photography and video competitions.