Covid-19 cases continue to rise; keep washing those hands.

Image: Sanglah emergency ward. Credit: Sanglah Hospital. The Covid-19 numbers continue to increase on the island of Bali, with cumulative number of positive cases now reaching 594 people, which [...]

Sindhu Beach, Sanur opens and closes again

Image: Sindhu Beach Sanur. Credit: A video of the reopening of Sindhu Beach, Sanur, went viral on social media on Monday morning (1/6). But the beach, or as the authorities [...]

Bali Covid-19: The latest news

Image: Sanur Pecalang. Give me twenty! Credit: IG @Infodenpasar @adrian.suwanto The latest numbers As of Monday (4/27), the number of new cases of Covid-19 increased by seven people, while the [...]

Surfs up on Bali, but not for the local surfers

Image: Padang Padang on a perfect day. Credit: Tim Hain. As the Covid 19 plague continues to shock the world’s economy and people’s lives, many policies have come into place in the attempt to [...]

Loose social distancing caught on social media

Image: There’s a party going on in North Kuta. Credit: IG Jeg Bali A video that shows a group of foreigners partying last night in a villa in North Kuta, Bali went viral on local social media and [...]

Badung confirms positive case of Covid-19

Image: Covid-19 testing in Badung. Credit: Stanford A patient suspected of having COVID-19 was tested positive in Badung Regency today and now has the status of Person Under Surveillance (ODP). [...]