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A Swiss citizen reported three men to Nusa Penida Police for alleged rape. The incident ocurred when the college student, CM (21), went on a trip to Nusa Penida with a friend who’s also from her home country, J (22).

They met one of the suspects, GRS (27), in a local warung (food stall) at Desa Batununggul, Nusa Penida. GRS invited them to his friend’s house, GKK (24), and once they arrived at the house they were treated with arak mixed with dark beer. In the house there were also three other people: MYU, KW, and WA.

The party lasted until the early morning on Friday (10/02). Around 1am, the inebriated CM was taken to a room by the three suspects. Meanwhile WA took J out to the parking area.

Inside the room, MY tried to strip off the victim’s clothing; CM resisted but she was too weak to fight back. Afterwards, she was sexually violated by MYU, GKK, and GRS. In the meantime, KW and WA simply watched.

GKK then took CM to where she stayed, Mae-Mae Beach House in Desa Kutampi. The next day, CM and J reported the three men to the police.

I Ketut Suastika, Nusa Penida Police Chief, said that the three suspects have already been detained. “We’ve confirmed the three of them as suspects last Saturday,” says Suastika. The three Nusa Penida resident will be charged with Article 285 KUHP regarding rape with a maximum of 12 years imprisonment.