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Image: Careful what you send on WA. Credit:

Bangli police arrested a local college student, G.T., 19, last week for distributing a nude image of his ex-girlfriend on WhatsApp. He told police that he did it in the hope of getting her back again.

“It all started from the girlfriend not replying his messages. They met, had an argument and she said she wanted to break up. He sent the nude image to her parents to inform them of their daughter’s behavior and somehow thought by doing so he would get the girl back,” said the Head of Bangli Polres Public Relation, AKP Sulhadi to on Thursday.

Instead of getting her back, the parents reported him to the police. “After receiving the nude image, the parents asked their daughter who confirmed it was her. They became furious and wanted to find his whereabouts.  But they cancelled that and chose to report it to the police,” he added.

The young man violated Article 45 paragraph 1 and Article 27 paragraph 1 of ITE Law and he could be sentenced up to six years in jail and fined up to Rp 1 billion for his crime.