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Image: Korean singer and her friend Kim Sae-ron. Credit: Instagram

Bali taxi drivers made the news in South Korea as Korean singer Yeri went public on how devious they can be. The K Pop singer, who was on vacation with her friend in Bali, actress Kim Sae-ron related an uncomfortable experience with one of its famed dodgy taxi drivers when she was on the island.

She spoke about the experience on a Korean variety show called Level Up Project, which was attended by her and her group, Red Velvet. She said that she was shocked with the behavior of the taxi driver.

The 19 year old singer, whose real name is Kim Yerim, said that the taxi driver tried to charge her a higher fare, which she wouldn’t accept. This all went viral on social media.

Yeri told viewers of the popular TV show that the higher fare was charged to her because the taxi driver knew that she was a foreigner. She told viewers she screamed and refused to pay the higher fare. Then the taxi driver tried to calm her. “Okay, okay. You like my daughter. Okay, relax,” repeating the taxi driver’s broken English, which was quoted by

In conclusion, Yeri said she made these remarks on the show so viewers won’t be shocked like her with this kind of behaviour when they are on vacation in Bali.

“You must be careful with the taxi fare when you go there,” she said while recommending one of big taxi companies. (We’d imagine that was Blue Bird. Ed)