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Badung regency government continues to finalize the study of the construction of a ring road in the South Bali coastal area. According to the feasibility study of the project, the southern ring road will be nine kilometers long from Nusa Dua to Pecatu.

The southern ring road will extend from Sawangan, near Nusa Dua to Pecatu Village, near Uluwatu. The Head of Badung Public Works, Roads and Spatial Planning (PUPR), Sang Nyoman Oka Permana, explained to Nusa Bali, the road will also be widened. Some of the existing road only has a width of 12 meters, and will be widened to 24 meters.

“Yes, we will be widening the road. Parts of the previous road are still limestone and only 12 meters wide, but later it will be 24 meters wide,” said Oka Permana referring to the project feasibility study.

According to him the land acquisition is still in progress. Badung Regent I Nyoman Giri Prasta has communicated with a number of land owners since there are about 1.1 kilometers of land that will be used for roads which are still owned by local residents.

The budget for land acquisition is estimated to reach approx. Rp 78 billion. The number has been adjusted to the price of the taxable property sale (NJOP) of the land at that location. “The estimated funds required to buy the land is around Rp 78 billion. But to make sure, we have to wait for the assessment of the appraisal team. Currently they are still working on the proposal,” said Oka Permana.

In regard to the physical budget of the road it was confirmed that it was still under review. Officials are first focusing on the land acquisition issues. “The construction budget is still waiting to be fully studied. The land acquisition is the focus right now,” he said.

However, it is expected that the land acquisition for the project will be completed in 2018. Meanwhile, the physical construction of the road is planned to be started in 2019.