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Image: Bali Mandara Toll. Credit: ST. 

PT Lamong Energi Indonesia (LEGI), a subsidiary of Pelindo III Group, will supply solar powered electricity for the operational needs of the Bali Mandara Toll road, a total of 900 kilowatts.

LEGI President Director Edward Danner Napitupulu said according to the research of Indonesian Research Affiliate Institute (LAPI) ITB, the investment required for the construction of solar panels on the Bali toll road is around Rp140 billion.

“The project in Bali will be used as a comprehensive study for other toll roads around Indonesia with the most sensitive part being the solar panel battery life. If it works it will be used in all toll roads which are controlled by Jasamarga,” he explained to Bisnis Thursday (29/3/2018).

He explained the solar panels will be placed at the three entry points and along the toll road with a total length of approximately six kilometres along the motorcycle lanes.

This location has been selected to facilitate for security and monitoring of the panels, as well as to protect motorcycle users from the heat of the sun.

“The solar panels are also intended to support government programs on renewable energy utilization,” he added.

LEGI and JBT signed the agreement on March 28, 2018.