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Image: jet Ski adrift at Tanjung Benoa. Credit:

A Jet Ski driver, MT, 29, was reported to the police after he allegedly sexually abused a Chinese tourist, SZ, 20, while they rode a jet ski in Tanjung Benoa waters on Tuesday. The case began at around 11.30am when the young woman wanted to try a jet ski off Tanjung Benoa beach.

“The woman was assisted by the watersports employee, MT,” said a witness to on Wednesday. After she completed the administration, the suspect took the woman to the Jet Ski. Out to sea, the instructor stopped the machine in a quiet place, away from other people. Then he began trying to kiss and fondle the woman without her consent.

The victim was shocked and tried to fight back, but the suspect threatened her and allegedly the woman gave into the man’s threats.

After they arrived back to the beach, the victim reported the case to the police, who immediately detained the man at the watersports office.

“The man has been detained. The police are continuing to question him and investigate the case,” the witness added.