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Ong Chee Seng was found lying dead in the backyard of the Hotel Terrace At Kuta on Sunday morning at around 2.20am.

The 23-year-old student was found with fractured hands and feet, and blood flowing from his mouth, nose, and ears. The victim’s body was taken to RS BIMC Kuta for a visum.

Ong was staying at the Hotel Terrace At Kuta, along with a fellow Singaporean student Lee Jun Yu, since Friday (May 5). Both were scheduled to check out from the hotel on Sunday.

The victim Ong Chee Seng and his friend allegedly ate magic mushrooms in their hotel room on the 5th floor. The young men had previously bought mushrooms around the Legian tourist area, Saturday (6/5) evening at around 6pm.

The students arrived back to the hotel room after buying the mushrooms at around 9pm. Inside the hotel room, they mixed the mushrooms with orange juice.

Sunday morning at around 1.30am (about 4 hours after the mushroom party), and according to the investigation, the victim suddenly moved from his seat and declared he wanted to fly.

Seeing the suspicious signs, his colleague immediately tried to hold the victim back by the hand so he couldn’t ‘fly’. But unfortunately, the friend, Lee Jun Yu lost the struggle and even got out of the room window on the 5th floor to try to stop his friend. Ong Chee Seng then plunged into the hotel yard. The victim fell into the backyard right between the Hotel Terrace At Kuta and Hotel Akmani.

“When police arrived at the scene, the victim was already dead. After an investigation of the crime scene, the body of the victim was taken to BIMC Kuta for examination,” explained Kapolsek Kompol Sumara yesterday.

The officers of Kuta Police Crime Unit also found a number of witnesses in the field, including the hotel security officer who was on guard when the incident occurred. In his statement, security officer I Made Rai Sugiarta said Sunday morning around 2.15am he heard a sound like a beaten object.

Because hearing the strange sound, the security officer told his collegue, I Wayan Sukiarta to check the CCTV recordings from around the hotel. However, there wasn’t anything found relating to the strange sound.

Since the security guard didn’t find any irregularities, he continued his work to control to the 3rd floor. “From the 3rd floor, the witness (Wayan Sukiarta) could see through the window people were converging on the backyard of the hotel,” said Kompol Sumara.

“The security went down to investigate and met with the victim’s friend, Lee Jun Yu who had also rushed down,” he added.

The security guard questioned the young man, Lee Jun Yu, who said that it was his roommate that had fallen. He also mentioned that he fell in a drunken condition due to mushroom drinks.

The hotel security officer immediately contacted the Kuta Police Office.