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Image: Sindhu Beach Sanur. Credit:

A video of the reopening of Sindhu Beach, Sanur, went viral on social media on Monday morning (1/6). But the beach, or as the authorities call it, the tourist attraction, was closed again.

Banjar spokesperson, I Gusti Agung Kencana said there had been a miscommunication between their team which caused the beach to be opened.

“There was a miscommunication and they believed they were doing the right thing, but the beach shouldn’t have been reopened,” he said.

He continued that access to Sindhu Beach was later closed during the morning. “It was closed this morning. If you open one, you have to open all the beaches, not just Sindhu,” he told OKezone this afternoon.

Then what about the dozens of visitors who had entered? “We have told them to return,” said Agung.

Previous videos on the opening of the portal to Sindhu Beach went viral on social media. Then since Monday (1/6) morning visitors began to arrive.

In the video viewers can see the opening of the bamboo and wooden barricade by a number of local residents. The recording mentioned that the opening of the barricade was attended by the head of the Sindhu Kaja banjar or kelian adat and a number of pecalang officers.

When the banner announcing the entry ban was removed, it was immediately followed by applause from those at the location.

“Sindhu Beach starts on June 1, 2020, symbolized by Kelian Adat, Kelian Sindhu Kaja followed by pecalang … and also the Sindhu community. Sindhu Beach was opened,” said the voice in the video. But finally the beach was closed again.

The story went so viral it was featured in the Australian press this afternoon.

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  • Shari

    Open all of the beaches. It’s ;the safest place to be.

  • Bruce Taylor

    They have got it all wrong. Closing the beaches has only annoyed locals and tourists alike. They think you can catch covid19 in the fresh open air of the beach but not in the Beachwalk mall? Grab a brain


    I imagine part of the problem is the large number of tourists who purposely are ignoring the mask requirements up to the beach and along the beach boardwalk.

  • Yogi

    Not all beaches closed. For instance all up Canggu way they are all open – seriously the whole thing with closing beaches is absurd. Yesterday at Balangan we counted 50++ surfers in the water – it was open

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