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Image: Golose donates to Lombok. Credit:

Bali Polda is doing what they can to help Lombok earthquake victims.  Seven trucks of donations were officially sent by the Head of Bali Polda, General Inspector Dr. Petrus R. Golose on Wednesday.

He said that they have donated Rp 393,821,000 in form of food, beverages, clothes, blankets, stationery, tarpaulins and sleeping mats. He also said that they had received donations from the Indonesia Longline Tuna Association (ATLI), the Indonesian Fishermen Association (HNSI), and businessmen of the Benoa Port area.

“We say thank you to all Bali Polda officers that helped the Lombok earthquake victims. We also say thank you to all Balinese citizens and our partners that sent their donations through Bali Polda,” he said to

“We are still receiving community donations for the earthquake victims, but they must be recorded to make sure they arrive to where they are intended,” Golose concluded.

Donations of any sort are still needed and will be needed for the coming weeks. Check this story for more details.