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Image: Stock shot of the Legian strip. Credit: The Beat.

Bali police have tightened security in the wake of the Surabaya bombings, which occurred on Sunday and Monday.

As observed by Bali Post yesterday, dozens of fully armed police, wearing bulletproof vests were on standby at the entrance of Mapolresta (West Denpasar Police Headquarters) on Jalan Gunung Sanghyang, Padangsambian, West Denpasar.

Police were observed performing thorough checks of vehicles and visitor’s bags, with officers behind the gates asking visitors to open their own luggage, before entering the police area.

Denpasar Police Chief, Hadi Purnomo was also on hand to monitor the situation. He ordered members of the police to tighten checks on guests entering all police buildings.

“We have to be particularly wary of terrorists on motorbikes, as seen in Surabaya,” said the former Gianyar Chief of Police.

In addition, security has been tightened in other areas such as places of worship, churches and temples, consulate offices and night entertainment spots.

“Nightlife spots are also being closely monitored and guarded by police. This is an order from command, that night club venues will be closed on time. The dawn closing is finished, that I will see to myself. We would prefer them closing earlier for now,” he said to reporters.

The placement of personnel in the busy areas will be done as needed in the field. “We will coordinate with the owners of night spots to keep the situation conducive. I saw for myself, last night nightlife in Legian finished before 4am,” said the police chief.

Meanwhile in Denpasar, traffic around Jalan WR Supratman, where the heavily secured Polda Bali and Brimob Headquarters are sited, was closed briefly yesterday without police saying exactly why and then a short time after, a woman dressed in a jilbab with her son were detained briefly as it was claimed she tried to enter the police dormitory area in the Polda grounds. Images of the woman went viral on social media.

However, according to Bali Police Public Relations Officer, Commander Hengky Wijaya said the woman’s action were completely innocent. It was later found the woman was harmlessly eating a snack on the side of the road in front of Polda and was sent home after being questioned. Police also checked the woman home.

Hengky also suggested that people shouldn’t spread images, news and gossip on social media without it being from a reliable source at least.