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Image: Australian in court on drug charges. Credit: ST.

Australian woman, Kim Anne Allogia (51) had her first day in court yesterday and was charged with importing liquid marijuana from the United States. The narcotics was allegedly smuggled in a box with small tubes of clothes dye and an electric vaper.

“The defendant, Kim Anne Allogia without the right and against the law, imported, exported or distributed narcotics class I,” said prosecutor I Gusti Lanang Suyadnyana at Denpasar District Court, Jl PB Sudirman, Denpasar, Bali on Tuesday (11/06/2019).

The alleged attempted smuggling began when Alloggia, who works as a designer in Bali, ordered clothes dye from a friend in the United States.

The package arrived on Saturday, March 2 at the Renon Post Office, Denpasar and the defendant sent an employee to retrieve the package.

“At that time, police officers asked the employee about the owner of the package. The witness explained that the package belonged to the defendant who lived on Jl Cemplung Tanduk, Seminyak, and was then handed the package,” explained Lanang.

At this moment the man was detained by the Denpasar Police. It was found that the evidence consisted of three large plastic tubes and 22 small plastic tubes containing clothes dye powder, one electric cigarette along with a charger and one plastic tube.

“The police asked the defendant about a glass tube containing yellow liquid and the defendant claimed that she had not ordered the item but was sent it by her friend in the US Kim, E Artist, but the defendant claimed responsibility for all the contents received in the parcel,” the Prosecutor said.

Meanwhile, the defendant, who was accompanied by legal counsel, Charlie Uswunan did not object.

She was also quoted in Australian press saying that people should stay away from drugs in Bali. “Don’t do drugs in Bali or Indonesia. Say no to drugs!” she said in a video on

The trial will continue on the 18 June.