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Image: Sari Club today. Credit: Seminyak Times

The Bali Peace Park (BPP) discussions on the land of the former Sari Club on Jalan Legian, Kuta has entered a new phase. After zero progress for the last five months, the land owners and BPP representatives finally met recently and discussed the matter.

It was said that the land owner has agreed to sell the 15 are plot of land for US $105 million and the chief intermediary and Head of Badung Tourism Board, I Made Badra, said that the problem between the land owner and BPP reps has been solved.

“The land owner and BPP have met and they have built a good relationship. The BPP reps stated that their side needs the 15 are and the land owner asked USD 105 million for it,” Badra said to He also said that at the moment BPP are still looking for investors because they only have USD 4.5 million. The land owner also agreed to lend the land certificate to the BPP to hold for fundraising purposes.

“The land owner is waiting for the association to act now. The land won’t be offered to another party while they are trying to raise the funds,” he added.

Meanwhile, when he was asked about Badung government involvement on the project, Badra said that it is still being discussed and a decision would be made by Badung Regent, Nyoman Giri. “Yes, any policies must be approved by Regent,” he concluded.

There was no mention of any Australian government involvement.

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  • David Stevenson

    The owners of the land are a DISGRACE TO BALI…getting super rich on the MISERY OF OTHERS..
    105 mill usd is about 5 x times more than the land is worth..crooked mongrels .i am not donating to the Bpp to help thode CRIMINALS get richer…

  • Ed Hammingh

    Greedy Balinese. only us dollar signs in the eyes !!!!

  • BPPA

    Just letting readers know that the information published in this media article is completely incorrect.

  • Ellen Foster-Taylor

    Greed, Greed and no respect.

  • Kevbali

    It would be better to donate the money to an orphanage make something good from something bad. Let the victims rest in peace

  • gavin

    There’s a monument of remembrance in place. Having that plot of land isn’t going to bring back the dead. Let them rest in peace and the owner keep the land.

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