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Image: Kelingking Beach cliff. Credit FB @deezd

Russian woman falls from Nusa Penida cliff

A Russian tourist, Karen Tatarenko, 22, tragically fell to her death while sightseeing in Nusa Penida on Thursday. She fell from a height of 200 meters down the cliff. When the incident happened she allegedly was trying to pass through a narrow stretch of the Klibun Cliff, to get a better view of nearby Kelingking Beach Cliff. The victim rode a motorcycle to the spot and was together with her Russian friend, Christina, 23.

According to the Head of Nusa Penida Police, Commissioner I Ketut Suastika, the young women went from Kelingking Beach cliff to find the best spot for panoramic views back to the main cliffs. They were trying to pass through a one meter wide stretch of track on Klibun Cliff, with the victim riding her motorbike in front. Suddenly, the victim could not maintain her balance, because the track was loose with gravel and rocks. She lost control and fell from the cliff, while her motorcycle was still stuck on the edge.

“The victim fell down the 200 meter high cliff. Her friend, Christina, was stricken with panic and fear, and asked help from nearby residents. The incident was then reported to Nusa Penida Polsek,” said Police Commissioner Suastika when confirmed by yesterday.

After the police received the report, Suastika commanded his personnel to find the victim’s location on the bottom of the cliff. Several of them searched by land while Police Commissioner Suastika himself searched by boat.

After trying to find the victim for three hours, the woman’s body was found lifeless on the water below Klibun Cliff on Thursday at approximately 4pm.

“The victim was found lifeless and floating on the water offshore,” he said. The body was taken to Banjar Nyuh Port, and then transferred to Sanglah Hospital Bali’s Forensic Dept. by boat.

He said that the victim was on vacation on the island with her friend since Wednesday. They were staying at Bintang Bungalow, Sakti Village, Nusa Penida. “They planned to go home this Thursday afternoon,” he said.