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A tourist from Russia, Michail Famchenko (21) had his phone stolen in Kuta, last Saturday (15/07) at  4.00 pm. The perpetrator was a 14-year-old boy from Karangasem with the initials MM, who was tailing Famchenko.

As they were passing Jalan Blambangan, MM drove close to the Russian’s rented Scoopy and grabbed the victim’s iPhone 7 from his hand.

The Russian student unsuccessfully tried to hold on to his phone and eventually fell and was hit by the thief’s motorbike. “The victim was wounded and was brought to the hospital by the local residents,” said Kuta Police chief, Wayan Sumara, on Tuesday (18/ 07) as quoted by Tribun Bali. “The suspect escaped to the south. Several witnesses saw the motorcycle, which was a Yamaha N-Max with the license number DK 5621.”

Upon hearing the report, the police immediately swept the area to search for the suspect, and they eventually found him at the T-junction of Ken Dedes and Sunset Road. “We have apprehended the perpetrator, and secured the stolen phone,” Sumara said.

Based on their interrogation, MM works as an ojek driver in the Kuta area. He might be charged with article 365 of the Criminal Code which can lead to a prison sentence of up to nine years.