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Image: Pindard SS-1 Automatic rifle. Credit:

Denpasar Police and Bali Polda arrested two Russian men and killed one other as he tried escaped police near Udayana Polytechnic Campus in Jimbaran late Monday night.

According to the JawaPos earlier today, the incident began when police received a report that a money changer, PT Bali Maspintjinra (BMC) in Tanjung Benoa had been robbed on Tuesday at around 12.30am. The suspects broke in through the back door of the office and immediately beat and tied up three employees inside.

One of the BMC employees said that he was playing on his smartphone, sitting beside the door when the men pushed the door open and hit him before they hit unconscious the other two men inside.

“All of them were unconscious from the blows. When they woke up, they were tied with their mouths taped,” the source added. After they freed themselves, they checked the office and found that the safe was gone. They reported the incident to the money changer owner, who then reported it to the police.

Rp 900 million and USD 5,600 was missing in the safe. When the police came to the crime scene, they found black duct tapes, blue ropes, and one SS1 magazine. From CCTV footage, one of the four men appeared to be carrying an SS1 type long-barreled weapon.

Denpasar Police Commissioner Ruddi Setiawan went into more detail this evening about the money changer robbery and disclosed that police shot dead one man, Alexei Korotkikh (45). While two other men, Georgeii Zhukov (39) and Robert Haupt (41) were caught alive. It is claimed that one man is still on the run.

According to Ruddi in a BaliPost article tonight, after police got to the crime scene last night, they were informed that the culprits were driving a white Xenia car that fled towards Udayana Campus from Tanjung Benoa. They pursued the vehicle and near the Bali State Polytechnic Campus found a car similar to the one described with the engine still hot. Police then monitored the vehicle for the return of the men. Shortly after the perpetrators returned and got in the car. They then parked on Jalan Giri Kencana, Jimbaran and two of the men, Alexei and Georgii got out and walked towards a parked motorcycle. After that, the car left the location.

Police immediately approached the men and tried to detain Georgii, while other members tried to secure Alexei. The two perpetrators had sharp weapons and resisted arrest. There was a struggle with Alexei and he managed to escape. The police immediately gave three warning shots but were ignored. Eventually the man was shot dead in what police claimed to be self-defense.

The police then raided Alexei’s residence on Jalan Pasir Putih, Kedonganan, where another man, Robert Haupt was found hiding in one of the rooms and was immediately detained.

In the ceiling of the house, a bag containing hundreds of millions of Rupiah and 13 other foreign currencies was secured. “We haven’t had the chance to count the amount yet,” said the former Badung Police Chief.

“We also believe that the same men carried out a robbery at a money changer on Jalan Nakula, Kuta, in December last year,” he said.

Ruddi said, in regard to the CCTV, four perpetrators were seen and that one of them carried an SS1 type long-barreled weapon. So, during the chase the officers were asked to be more careful because the perpetrators carried firearms.

“We also found a magazine with 16, 5.56 caliber bullets, which are used in a SS1 assault rifle,” he said.

“So, police are still pursuing one more perpetrator, who we presume is carrying the weapon.”

The police chief also said that the SS1 weapon was allegedly stolen from a member of the Bali Police Mobile Brigade in the parking area of ​​Ayana Resort and Spa, Jimbaran, in August 2017.

The Brimob member who lost the weapon confirmed that the magazine was his this afternoon.

The hunt for the last man and the weapon continues.