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A Russian man, Sodel Pavel, 41, was sentenced to six months in jail for tricking a hotel, bar, and tattoo saloon out of money on Thursday. He accepted the sentence, which was imposed by the judges of Denpasar District Court.

It was proven that on March 15, 2018, the man did not pay his bills when he stayed at The Tusita Hotel, ordered food and beverage at the Pool Bar of Stones Autograph Collection Hotel and making temporary tattoos. He used the same modus in each case, saying that there was a problem with his ATM card.

It began on March 9, 2018, when the defendant checked into The Tusita Hotel on Jalan Kartika Plaza. When the front office asked for a guarantee, he said that he didn’t bring cash with him and he said he will pay it tomorrow. Then, when they asked him again the next day, he said that there was a problem with his ATM card and he promised to pay it when he checked out. “When he tried to check out and they asked for the payment, he said that his ATM card still had trouble. Because he could not pay, The Tusita Hotel staff moved out his luggage and kept his passport,” said Prosecutor Surya Yunita.

He also acted the same when he went to Pool Bar of Stones Autograph Collection Hotel on Jalan Pantai Kuta, Legian. He didn’t pay for the food and beverage that he ordered. He paid them with two credit cards which couldn’t be used. But he said that they can be used the next day as someone was sending money from Moscow. He also tricked a tattoo saloon the same way. He asked them to tattoo five images and he agreed to pay Rp 1.4 million. When they were done, he also said that he didn’t bring any cash and his ATM had a problem.

These incidents were reported to police who then picked up the man.  (It’s not clear in the original story where they picked him picked him up. Ed)