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Russian citizen, Roman Kalashnikov (29), who was caught carrying 2.9 kilograms of hashish has been sentenced to 17 years in prison and fined to the amount of IDR 2 billion or four months additional imprisonment as a subsider.

“The defendant has been proven guilty of importing narcotics in the form of hashish weighing 2.9 kilograms and violated Article 113 Paragraph 2 of Law Number 35 Year 2009 regarding narcotics,” said judge Partha Bhargawa at Denpasar State Court, on Monday (31/07), as quoted by Kompas.

The judge’s sentencing is lighter than what Public Prosecutor, Made Tangkas, had called for, which was 20 years in prison and a fine of IDR2 billion with a 6 months subsider. The suspect’s politeness throughout the court session, admitting his guilt, and having no prior conviction played a part in the judge’s verdict. Both the public prosecutor and the defendant said they needed time to consider before accepting the sentencing.

Kalashnikov was caught by immigration officers at Ngurah Rai Airport after flying from Kuala Lumpur on December 14, 2016, carrying 2.9 kilograms of hashish. The hashish was found inside 25 tubes of toothpaste. In addition, he tested positive for being under the influence of narcotics after undergoing a drugs test.

To the officers, Kalashnikov admitted he bought the drugs in Nepal and said they were for personal consumption here in Bali.