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A Russian couple were suspected of trying to commit suicide at Tanjung Alam Beach, Kalibukbuk, Buleleng, yesterday. “The man died, but the woman survived,” said Sukawijaya, Buleleng Police Chief, as quoted by Merdeka earlier today.

The police chief revealed that the incident happened as the couple paddled out to sea with a canoe they rented from a hotel employee named Kadek Chandrawan.

Chandrawan told the couple that the hotel didn’t rent out canoes but the couple were insistent as they ‘wanted to see the sea view,” the hotel employee told police. He then looked for a canoe in another place nearby that rented them. Once they found it, the couple then paddled out to sea.

“After a while the hotel employee looked for the couple, found them again (near the beach we expect. Ed) and asked them to return the canoe,” police officer Sukawijaya added. But the victim became angry and took out a razor that he then threatened to use to cut his hand.

Worried, the witness reported the scene to a security officer, but once the officer arrived the couple were already back out into the ocean.

“The witness asked a fisherman to approach the canoe but when he got there he found the man was already dead.”

When they found him, the victim’s neck was tied with a white rope, his mouth foaming. The woman also has the same kind of rope around her neck but she was still breathing.

“We’ve yet to find the motive for the incident. At the moment, the victim’s girlfriend is still in shock and we haven’t been able to question her,” said Sukawijaya.

For now, the identity of the couple is still unknown, and testimony from the witness only revealed that they were from Russia.