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Image: Man drowns after boogie boarding. Credit:

A Russian man, Alekseev Yuri, 44, died after boogie boarding on Seminyak Beach yesterday. Police suspect that the man was exhausted after trying to fight his way back to the beach after he was swept out to sea by waves.

The incident took place on Thursday morning at around 11am when the man came to the beach with his wife and decided to go for a paddle on a boogie board.

“When he came back to the beach after boogie boarding with his family, a lifeguard saw that he looked exhausted. The lifeguard helped him to a lounge chair. After he sat on the chair, he suddenly fell unconscious,” said the Head of Denpasar Polres, First Inspector HA Muh Nurul Yaqin, to on Thursday.

The lifeguard called an ambulance and after he was taken to hospital, and a witness said that the man was still breathing. “The man arrived at Siloam Hospital at around 11.45am, and a few minutes later he was declared dead,” he added.

  • Kyle

    I was a witness to incident, and confirm that the details of this story are false. The life guard did absolutely nothing to help, and actually flat out refused to my face to call an ambulance – I quote “not my problem, not my hotel”. I myself had to run and find help, thankfully somebody was able to scooter me to an emergency room where I was able to get an ambulance to the beach. Unfortunately by the time we had reached the beach the man was already gone and CPR was underway… the ambulance people left 5 minutes after arriving as “they don’t take dead bodies…”. A number of us reported this to the hotel manager the life guard worked for and he said he will investigate the incident and make the necessary lay offs if required. The whole event was sickening to watch and the total lack of care for human life was appalling. I hope this story is taken down or re-edited, and that the life guard is never allowed on that beach again.

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