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Denpasar Police have arrested a Russian woman with the initials GNA (29) after being caught with a package of methamphetamine (or sabu-sabu) in Kuta.

The woman claimed to have gotten the methamphetamine from Kerobokan jail, and claimed that she used the drugs due to her profession as a fashion designer.

“The suspect admitted that she used methamphetamine because she’s a designer,” said Hadi Purnomo, Denpasar police chief, on Sunday (02/04), as quoted by Tribun Bali. “He felt that he became more inspired and more focused when under the influence of the drug.”

GNA was caught carrying meth while he was at Jalan Dewi Sri, Kuta. The polyglot suspect, who claimed that she could speak eight foreign languages to police, has been living in Bali for eight years but only started using the illegal drug around one and a half years ago.

“The suspect has never had any prior convictions and we’re currently still trying to capture the people who sold the drugs to her,” Purnomo said.