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Last Friday, the crowned head of Denpasar, Tjokorday Pemecutan XI, reported his step brother, Anak Agung Ngurah Rai Parwata, to the police on the grounds of falsifying a land certificate. Plus the head of Badung’s National Land Department (BPN), I Gede Sukardan Ratmasa, has also been reported.

“In the case of his brother it was for alleged forgery, while for the head of BPN it was regarding alleged misuse of authority,” said Pemecutan XI’s legal representative, Rizal Akbar Maya Poetra, to reporters yesterday, as quoted by Berita Bali.

According to Nusa Bali, the conflict stemmed from the issue regarding a piece of land in Seminyak, Badung, which the Mesari Beach Inn has occupied since 1980. It was revealed recently that Parwata tried to claim ownership of the hotel and land certificate without his brother’s knowledge.

“The hotel and land do not have a certificate yet, but all of the documents have Tjokorda Pemecutan’s name on them,” Poetra said. “Then all of a sudden my client’s step brother wrote a letter to the Lands Department that appeared to come from my client. The alleged forged letter stated that my client had no problem in making a certificate for the land and the hotel [presumably to transfer ownership to Parwata]. So there’s an obvious proof of wrongdoing here since my client never wrote that letter.”

Poetra added that handing the conflict over to the justice system seems to be the best solution. “They have asked Pemecutan’s step brother to come into the police station,” said Poetra.

Meanwhile, Ratmasa was reported on the basis of a violation of authority since his action (so far still unspecified) has made Pemecutan unable to take advantage of his own property and as a result has incurred losses.

Currently, the police are still investigating the matter.

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