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Image: Riri, and where she most liked to be, on the radio at Hard Rock. Credit: FB

MC, radio announcer and friend of many involved in the entertainment business around town, Riri Djalil, 44, was found lifeless in her boarding room on Jalan Dewi Sri on Sunday afternoon and will be buried this afternoon by family members in the Wanasari Public Cemetery (TPU), North Denpasar.

Riri was discovered in her boarding house on Sunday (17/1) at 6.30pm after not being seen for a couple of days by neighbours and the discovery of her body created various speculations. Responding to this, Riri Djalil’s younger brother, Dani Juliansyah alias Agam Djalil, confirmed to Nusa Bali that his sister had died of natural causes. “Not because of suicide, not because of murder, and also not because of Covid-19,” he told the press.

“From what we know till now, the main reason she could not wake up was due to a drug complication and vertigo. She allegedly took the medication and it appears she could not wake up again.” said Agam Djalil when he was met at the scene on Monday (18/1/2021) morning.

After being examined, the family coordinated with the Kuta police and Denpasar Sanglah Hospital, and Agam Djalil said that the body of his sister was planned to be buried Monday afternoon at the Kampung Jawa Public Cemetery before the Asr prayers.

Riri Djalil lived alone in the boarding house. According to friends, it was planned she was to return in January to Jakarta because of her sickness. “She lived in Bali since 1998 and was a single fighter. While in Bali she had worked a lot including being a Hard Rock Radio announcer, event organiser and podcaster for many years. She was a worker and career woman,” said Agam Djalil.

It was confirmed separately by Kuta police that they had found no signs of violence at the scene. Prescription drugs were found in the victim’s room, allegedly consumed by the victim for her illness.

“Witnesses at the boarding house where the victim died told police that the victim had previously often complained of illness. Even asking for medication for migraine headaches or vertigo from her neighbors. After examined, the body was evacuated at Sanglah General Hospital Denpasar,” said policeman Iptu Yudistira.

Riri will be greatly missed and my condolences go out to her family and friends.