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Image: Gang Kencana. Credit: Google maps

Garbage issues in South Kuta (and just about anywhere for that matter. Ed) appear to be endless. Because of the growing trash in their area, some of the residents of Jimbaran have protested to the local government.

They claim the stench of the garbage has spread to the surrounding areas and the smell came from land on Gang Kencana, Karang Mas Sejahtera Residence, Jimbaran. The residents got together and submitted a signed objection letter and took it to the South Kuta Camat office on Wednesday. The residents were received by Tranquility and Order Section Head of South Kuta Sub-District, Made Subamia.

According to one of the residents, Nyoman Suati, the condition has been terrible since January.  Apparently, garbage was dumped on the land, not only by the owner, but also the local garbage collector was allowed by the owner to dump their garbage on the land too.

“The location is on the roadside, so it doesn’t look good and basically stinks. Some of the residents have to light incense to remove the smell and also it’s already summer and the smell is becoming unbearable,” Suati said to

Jimbaran head, Ketut Rimbawan, confirmed that there was an issue in regard to the rubbish in that part of Jimbaran. His team has tried to mediate with both sides by inviting the owner of the land to speak about it, but he hasn’t come. His team has already told the local Environmental Department to approach the land owner to solve the problem. Meanwhile, Made Subamia, said that his team will follow up the complaint by checking the location and added he has been coordinating with the Jimbaran head, too.