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Residents of Banjar Lebah, Purwakerti Village, near Amed, Karangasem, have responded seriously to the beatings of two of their local people. Through an extraordinary meeting Tuesday (5/9) night, they insisted on banning the perpetrators of the beatings, Alexander Bernadus C. Hock (73) and his son initials AC (17) from setting foot again in their village. After the legal matter was concluded, the people urged the government to deport the two men back to their country.

In addition to residents and village officials of Banjar Lebah, the extraordinary meeting was also attended by village officials of Culik Village who served the Banjar Adat Lebah. In addition, there was also the Head of Purwakerti Village, I Nengah Karyawan and Abang Police Chief, AKP Nengah Sugita Yasa.

There were four important points that resulted from the extraordinary meeting. In addition to requests for deportation and legal proceedings for both perpetrators, residents also requested the immediately freezing of the villa venture, namely Vila Pondok Laut belonging to the perpetrator’s wife. Despite urging the closure of the villas, residents promised not to take retaliatory action and other actions that could be categorized as unlawful.

As reported by Bali Post, the two perpetrators attacked the father and son, I Wayan Sudarma Alit (41) and I Gede Sudarma Yasa (19), on Monday afternoon (4/9). They were attacked while moving bamboo stacks that were placed on the edge of the Amed road, opposite Villa Pondok Laut.

The perpetrators attacked the men for no apparent reason, enough to make the victims’ mouths bleed. During the incident, the two Dutchmen were then beaten by locals who began to run amok before being intervened by Abang police officers. Residents became violent not just because of the action of the perpetrators that one time. Previously, according to residents, both were threatening locals previously because of trivial matters.

Head of Purwakerti Village, I Nengah Karyawan Wednesday Kary (6/9), said the residents of Lebah and Purwakerti should not close themselves to the presence of investors. But, according to him, the presence of these particular people in the Amed region has caused anxiety and he can’t blame them for their aspirations.

‘”We’d like to thank the police who have taken legal action against the perpetrators. The police action has saved Amed’s tourism from trouble that could have occurred from this case. However, regarding the deportation and closure of the perpetrators’ businesses, this is not our domain nor the police’s,” he said. Similarly, Police Chief Sugita Yasa also said they have focused on the legal process. And, according to him, the two men have been charged with Article 170 of the Criminal Code juncto 55 KUHP.

DPRD Karangasem also reacted. Commission I Chairman, I Gede Bendesa Mulyawan, urged the regency not to remain silent. The representative of the people of Abang Dapil said the activities of foreigners must be addressed seriously so that their presence does not become the source of problems in the community.” We will also go down to check the problem,” he said.

Member of Commission I, I Wayan Sumatra, said the problems like which occurred in Amed are also caused by the government’s attitude that he considers is too loose on foreigners. To avoid similar incidents, he urges the government to be selective and to conduct an inventory of any business involving foreign nationals. ”Make sure the status of the foreigner, whether they have a work, travel, special or other visa. Then act in accordance with applicable provisions,” he said.


Image: Wikimedia Commons